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Thank you for your interest in the City of Thorold's Community Grant Program. Each Year the City of Thorold provides Financial and In-Kind Grants to local volunteer organizations for programs and services that will benefit the Thorold Community. 

The goals of the tourism and economic development grant/sponsorship program are:

  • To support tourism development and/or economic development based projects/events in Thorold to benefit residents and/or local business.
  • To enhance and encourage partnerships with local non-profit organizations for projects or events that increase tourism development and/or economic development in the City of Thorold.
  • To encourage and provide financial support to events that can be proven to have true potential for bringing increased non-resident / tourist spending into the City.
  • To promote and enhance the profile of Thorold as a tourism/shopping/business destination through the external marketing and promotion of special events hosted within the City.
  • To promote and assist in the development of self-sustaining tourism and economic development related special events in Thorold.
  • To promote and ensure accountability of public funds contributed to events.
  • To ensure that municipal contributions to events are made based upon reasonable and quantifiable facts and projections, and not upon assumptions or speculation.

If you are interested in applying for this program please complete our online form. Applications are due the last Friday of November. 

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