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Permit Application for use of City of Thorold: Athletic Fields & Outdoor Sports Amentities

Seasonal User Groups

Please complete this permit application if you wish to apply for a seasonal sports field/ amenity permit with the City of Thorold. If you wish to book a one time event, please visit our booking portal or email for more information.

Account Administrators:

The account administrator(s) will be resposible for all official communication between the organization and City of Thorold. All schedules, special requests, payment information and documentation must be submitted by this designate. 

Individuals not included on this list such as coaches, volunteers and participants cannot make requests or schedule adjustments on behalf of the organization. If these communications occur, City Staff will contact the administrator for verficiation prior to accomadating any requests or schedule changes. 

The administrator is responsible for upholding all City of Thorold: Terms and Conditions. They are resposible for the actions of all organization and group affiliates, including, but not limited to: participants, participant guests, coaches, and volunteers. 

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